12ZFP - Principles of plasma physics

Here you can find auxiliary study materials for undergraduate course 12ZFP - Principles of Plasma Physics lectured at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

academic year: 2019/2020
time: Tuesday, 9:30-11:10
room: T-115


Tutorial 00 - TBA

Debye screening, Debye length, plasma parameter, plasma frequency, collisions of charged particles, Landau length, Coulomb logarithm

Tutorial 01 - TBA

Vlasov equation, Krook collision term, derivation of two-fluid hydrodynamics, diamagnetic drift

Tutorial 02 - TBA

Plasma oscillations, plasma waves in fluid and kinetic description, Landau damping, wave energy

Tutorial 03 - TBA

Demonstration using PIC code ES1, plasma waves, Landau damping, two-stream instability

Tutorial 04 - TBA

Ion sound waves; electromagnetic waves in plasma, critical density, wave propagation in planar plasma

Tutorial 05 - TBA

One fluid approximation, ideal and non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics, hydromagnetic equilibrium, Rayleigh-Taylor and Kruskal-Schwartzschild instabilities

Tutorial 06 - TBA

Diffusion in weakly and strongly ionized plasmas, ambipolar diffusion, plasma-wall interaction, sheath, Bohm criterion

Tutorial 07 - TBA

Introduction into atomic physics of plasmas, multiply-charged ions, excitation and autoionization states, collisional and radiative processes, oscillator strength, direct and inverse processes, principle of detail balancing

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